Lesson : 1

Course : The Flying Car Nanodegree Program  


Examples of A/B testing in industry:

Examples mentioned in the video:

  • Google tested 41 different shades of blue.
  • Amazon initially decided to launch their first personalized product recommendations based on an A/B test showing a huge revenue increase by adding that feature. (See the second paragraph in the introduction.)
  • LinkedIn tested whether to use the top slot on a user’s stream for top news articles or an encouragement to add more contacts. (See the first paragraph in “A/B testing with view based JSON” section.)
  • Amazon determined that every 100ms increase in page load time decreased sales by 1%. (In “Secondary metrics” section on the last page)
  • Google’s latency results showed a similar impact for a 100ms delay.

Other Examples:

  • Kayak tested whether notifying users that their payment was encrypted would make users more or less likely to complete the payment.
  • Khan Academy tests changes like letting students know how many other students are working on the exercise with them, or making it easier for students to fast-forward past skills they already have. (See the question “What is the most interesting A/B test you’ve seen so far?”)

When can you use A/B testing

Online Shopping Company: Is my site complete? Add premium Service

Movie Recommendation Site: Ne ranking algorithm Change back-end: Page load time, results users, see , etc

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